Do you want to purchase or rent a property in Denmark?

Danske BOLIGadvokater (Danish lawyers specialising in the purchase and/or rental of real estate) offers consultancy services across all aspects involved in the sale of property or entering a rental agreement.

A Dansk BOLIGadvokat is one of the few independent advisers you will meet in the property market. A BOLIGadvokat has no interest in recommending one product in preference to another. The BOLIGadvokat only advises what is best for you. When using the services of a Danish lawyer from Danske BOLIGadvokater, you are ensured a lawyer who will attend to your interests only and is therefore completely independent when advising you.

Danske BOLIGadvokater also offers a 360° consultancy where all aspects of your situation are included in the consultancy, e.g. family matters, including consultancy in connection with prenuptial agreements, co-ownership agreements and wills, consultancy regarding local matters concerning both the actual residence and your family life.

Download our publication and learn more about Danske BOLIGadvokater and the different types of dwelling in Denmark.


Types of dwelling in Denmark


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